The top two horror games available right now!

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    The first two horror video games that may be played on a computer or mobile device are The baby in yellow and Garten of Banban. Both games have basic graphics, but the user experiences both comedy and anxiety while playing them.

    You play a babysitter in the computer game "The Baby In Yellow," and your job is to look after a terrible, terrible child. The infant has ruby eyes that can twinkle at night and is dressed in a yellow outfit. It can suddenly fly at you or move quickly and strike you. Your duties include giving it food, changing its diapers, letting it sleep, and helping it move forward. The two game modes available are Normal and Escape. You have to watch kids three nights in a succession in Normal mode and keep your cool. You have to figure out how to get rid of the baby in the Escape mode before it kills you. Based on your choices, you can draw one of four inferences.

    In the computer game Garden of Banban, you almost surely become friends with some of the locals when you visit Banban's Garden. Save your life and consciousness while learning the hidden foundation. Break the dreadful taboo of this area, but watch out—you are not alone here. Social class of Banban: All kids have a particular place in their hearts for Banban's Garden. We owe this to the heart of this facility, the Group of Friends of Banban, and the mascot animals. They make sure nobody is left in Banban's Garden by themselves. The fantasy realm of all kids is Banban's Garden: In the past, parents who wanted their kids to enroll in a prestigious school would send them to Banban's Garden. This was true up until a regular day when everyone in the area suddenly vanished, forcing you to investigate the facility to find out what occurred. Remember this lesson with your flying companion: Everything is better when shared with a friend. Use your helpful drone as you move throughout the base and in moments of loneliness and despair, which you will experience frequently.

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    While horror games aren't my specialty, I do have a passion for first-person shooters like CS: GO. If you're a CS: GO fan like me, you might be interested in trading skins. There are platforms like that offer a great space for skin trading and CSGO case opening. Plus, they sometimes provide cool bonuses for sites like HypeDrop, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience. Whether you're into horror games or shooters, finding a community that shares your interests can enhance your gaming journey.

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    I used chatgpt to ask about this, and sure enough, it was true

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